The kitchen colour scheme is an important decision. Neutral kitchen colours, or white suites are favoured by many landlords and property developers. This is because it leaves the kitchen open to any potential household. However, homeowners are often looking to put their own stamp on a property. The kitchen is a great place to achieve this. Here at MLS Kitchens, we know how important the perfect kitchen is. As a result, we have produced these tips for amazing kitchen colour schemes.


Trying to create a colourful kitchen tends to lead to bright colours. While this looks great in some kitchens, it tends to be off-putting for others. However, softer, pastel colours can also be used to great effect in the kitchen. Tiles and accessories can be used to add softer colours. In addition, you can think about coloured work surfaces and cupboard doors. Plain white certainly isn’t the only choice. Whichever colour tone you go for, your kitchen can really stand out.


Different materials are available for kitchen cupboards and work surfaces. These range from wood to acrylic, with glass and more hard-wearing materials available at a larger cost. The material choice you make can alter the range of colours that are available to you. For example, wooden kitchens tend to be uncoloured, while acrylic provides a range of colour options.


The final item on our list of tips for amazing kitchen colour schemes is the finish. Whichever finish you choose for your kitchen will impact on the colour choice. A kitchen suite in dark purple for example, will look different depending on a matte finish or a gloss finish. This is something you should consider when planning your kitchen colour scheme.

In summary

There are three main considerations when deciding on a kitchen colour scheme. These relate to the colour tone, work surface material, and the overall finish. We hope you found our list of tips for amazing kitchen colour schemes helpful. Why not take a look at our range of kitchens today, here at MLS Kitchens in Manchester?

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