The MLS Process

A step by step guide for a perfect kitchen…

Your new kitchen from MLS Kitchens.

What happens next?

MLS Kitchens has been supplying fitted kitchens in Sheffield and Manchester for over 5 years now and no two are the same. Each customers needs are different and each customers room is different. We have designers in the Sheffield area that are experienced in meeting each customer’s needs to ensure that the end result is satisfaction. To help each customer along the way we have come up with a guide to getting your fitted kitchen right and hopefully this will give you a few handy tips to get the most out of the whole process.

When you start the journey of purchasing a new kitchen there are a few things that you need to establish.

Step by step, we’ll work towards your dream kitchen…

Choosing the right company can be difficult when looking online. Especially when you have never heard of half of them. MLS Kitchens have built up a healthy relationship with new and existing customers over the years and have been pro-active in asking customers to share the whole experience. If you look online we are featured on numerous online review sites with previous customers detailing the level of service received by us. As a family run company customer service is paramount and reputation is everything, meaning that you will receive a personalised service throughout. Its no surprise that roughly 25% of our business comes from word of mouth.

Upon booking a design consultation you will be asked a number of questions to establish your needs. This will mean that when we send out a designer he will be well informed in what your needs are. When we come to see you there will be no pressure sales or “buy it on the night special deals” just good honest advice. Each of our Fitted Kitchen designers based in Sheffield and Manchester carries the latest Computer Aided Design package so will be able to design your new kitchen in the comfort of your own home.

Our service as a company supplying fitted kitchens in Sheffield and Manchester is not one of uniform. We try and provide each customer with a kitchen that is unique but also suits their needs and more importantly their budget. Our designer will sit down with you and gather as much information as possible with regards to how you use your kitchen. For example you may be a sole occupier who cooks very rarely who wants a kitchen for occasional use, or you could be a family of four that uses the kitchen 3 times daily who needs a kitchen that is going to be functional and hard wearing. Either way our designers are trained to establish the best solution and layout to suit you. Our designers are all experienced in creating the perfect working environment whilst making it look stylish and unique.

Probably the most important thing about a kitchen is the bit you don’t see. The cabinet. There are many different specifications of kitchen cabinets out there and it is something that is often overlooked when purchasing a fitted kitchen. The cabinet we use on fitted kitchens is Sheffield is second to none. It comes ready assembled from the factory and can be tailored to each individual taste. As standard we use an 18mm high density board along with 18mm back panels. As standard we also include a Blum hinge with integrated soft close and a Blum drawer box again with integrated soft close. As there are so many door options out there it is often difficult to get cabinet to match. Not from MLS Kitchens. We will make each cabinet in the colour of the door you choose so the overall finish is one of quality. Our cabinets come with a 10 year guarantee so piece of mind is always there.

This again is very important when purchasing a fitted kitchen in Sheffield or Manchester. MLS Kitchens will not let you down on this one. As mentioned earlier we are a family run outfit that prides itself on service. That’s why once your order has been placed we double and treble check everything to make sure that things happen as we have promised they will. Each job is surveyed to make sure that everything fits where it should do and that more importantly your kitchen is delivered without things missing. Once your survey has been completed we will appoint a project manager that will look after your kitchen from start to finish. They will arrange delivery dates with you along with any additional work that is required ie. Plastering, tiling, decorating. They will even be present on delivery to make sure that everything is present and correct and nothing is damaged before you sign for it. Once work commences you will be in safe hands with one of our installation teams. Our fitted kitchens in Sheffield and Manchester are carried out by time served experienced local fitters who will cater for your every need. We don’t sub contract our work out so the fitter we say is going to turn up will be the fitter that turns up. All of this backed up by our 10 year guarantee give you overall piece of mind.

Like most things in life, the best things don’t come for free. Beware of the companies out there that offer deals that seem to good to be true because unfortunately they normally are. If someone is offering you a 40% discount to buy on the night then you have to ask why they cant do that price tomorrow? Our fitted kitchens in Sheffield and Manchester are the best value that money can buy for the standard of kitchen and service that we provide. Our vast range of doors and cabinets and flexibility in production means that we have something for everyone’s needs and more importantly needs. As we manufacture our own furniture we have no middle men or distributors adding their little bit before it gets to you. Direct manufacturer savings.