Clashing worktops and flooring can be just about the worst thing that could happen to you when you’ve decided on what you want your kitchen to be like. It is difficult but with our advice below, it can make your choice easier.

Make Sure They Have Similar Finishes

This is rather obvious but matte and gloss don’t really go well together so by choosing one it will be a start in having a matching kitchen. For a shiny approach, gloss goes well because it reflects the light and makes the kitchen look fantastic.

Materials Can Differ

For example, if you want a fully-furbished wooden kitchen, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all the material has to be wooden. Usually a variety of materials used can emphasis the wooden effect. Worktops can be marble and still look like they aren’t clashing alongside the wood.

Colour Coordination

The most important choice of them all. You don’t just want one colour overpowering the whole room but then again you don’t want that much of a variety that you just don’t know where to possibly look. If you pick one colour for your worktops then try pick a similar colour that can be used on the floor. If you want a challenge then you can have a look into what colours match and experiment on whether they’d fit in with your kitchen.

Modern or Traditional?

Both kitchens require different types of materials and it’s important to stick to one design so that you can be consistent throughout. This will make your decision ultimately easier for you. The main difference between the two being that traditional kitchens have natural materials rather than man-made modern. Similarly the choice between a minimalist design rather a weird and wonderful design depends how your kitchen will look once completed.

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