Contemporary and modern, or classic and traditional, kitchens are the centre of the home. This is why each home will require a unique kitchen, and why there are so many decisions to make. When it comes to choosing a new kitchen, the choices can be overwhelming. We at MLS Kitchens know just how important the kitchen is, and these are our top tips for choosing the perfect kitchen.

The Perfect Style

Choosing a kitchen that matches with the style of your home is clearly an important factor. Deciding on the style your kitchen will take is the first step, as this will help you make further choices about layout, finish, and colour. From traditional and rustic kitchens, to modern, contemporary kitchens, we have something to suit any home.


Determined mainly by the existing size and shape of your kitchen, your layout is the next decision you will need to make. A large open plan kitchen may lend itself beautifully to the L-Shaped kitchen design, while a rectangular kitchen may make a better galley kitchen. Choosing a layout that suits your existing space will save you time and money in renovating the space. However, if your intention is to completely create the room from scratch, your layout choices will be more open.

Layout allows you make decisions regarding storage solutions, and added extras. For example, if you know an L-Shaped kitchen is what you want to create, then you can be looking at purchasing an island for the centre of the room, or a breakfast bar. On the other hand, if a galley kitchen is what you are wanting to create, then you can make decisions about our creative storage solutions.

Finish and colour

Once you have determined the style and layout of your kitchen, the finish and colour are the final stages. Wood, gloss and matt are three of the most common types of finish to choose from.

  • Wood is perfect for traditional kitchens, or modern kitchens with natural finishes
  • Gloss is perfect for contemporary kitchens with sleek, smooth designs and reflects light to keep your kitchen looking bright
  • Matt is perfect for all types of kitchen and is probably one of the easiest to clean

Unit doors and work surfaces are available in a range of colours: you don’t just have to settle for a white kitchen suite any longer. When you have decided on a finish, you can begin to think about colour. Colour can appear different on different finishes. For example, a glossy purple kitchen cupboard will have a different effect than a matt purple cupboard.

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