Kitchen innovation is essential. At the centre of the home, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms. However, it uses a lot of fuel and electricity, while also being difficult to keep tidy. Design innovations within kitchens can make all the difference. Here at MLS Kitchens, we know how important a practical and efficient kitchen is. As a result, we have produced this guide to kitchen innovation.


The first step in our guide to kitchen innovation is storage. Innovative kitchen storage solutions do exist. From larder pull-outs, to swing larders, and carousels, your storage solution can make a huge difference. Keep your items hidden in beautiful cupboards, with hidden depth. This can keep your kitchen looking tidy, as well as improve the efficiency and practicality of the space. After all the perfect kitchen also needs to be practical.

Environmental Concerns

Kitchen design also reflects environmental concerns. Innovation in this area has been huge. From LED lights, to sustainable forests, your kitchen could be environmentally friendly.

Reclaimed wood, or worktops and cupboards from sustainable wood forests, can help the environment. By cutting down on illegal logging, and being environmentally conscious, your kitchen design can be eco-friendly.

In addition, resealing your window and door seals within the kitchen can reduce fuel consumption. This is because your kitchen will retain heat and so there will be less draughts. As a result, you will use less fuel and spend less on bills.

Furthermore, LED lighting in your kitchen is incredibly energy efficient. LED lighting within cabinet builds looks amazing while also reducing the amount of energy you are using.

Natural Light

The final stage of our guide to kitchen innovation relates to windows and ceiling design. Innovative kitchen designs with external, full-glass doors and windows can increase the natural light in your kitchen. Not to mention incredible aluminium roof lanterns! Improving the natural light in your kitchen is great for your health and will also cut down on the amount of electricity you use. This is because you won’t need to use lights as often in your kitchen.

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