Whether your kitchen style is contemporary or traditional, rustic or Shaker, a waterfall worktop for your kitchen island could be the perfect finishing touch. And this new kitchen design style is taking the UK by storm. But what is a waterfall worktop? And could this suit your kitchen? Well, here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen design professionals. From contemporary kitchens to traditional, we offer something for every home. And this is our guide to everything you should know about waterfall worktops.

What are waterfall worktops?

Waterfall worktops are worktops that extend over the side of your counter-top and fall all the way down to the floor. This can create a really striking visual feature that can capture attention and make a real statement in your kitchen. Especially if this is used as part of a kitchen island.

Choosing waterfall worktops for kitchen islands

Waterfall worktops can be incredibly visually effective, while also protecting the side of your kitchen island with the same worktop material and style. But what should you consider when choosing a waterfall worktop? Well, there are several things to bear in mind, including:

  • The style of the worktop- if you have a contemporary style kitchen, you need a worktop made of the right material, in the right colour, to support this style. This becomes even more important when extending the worktop in a waterfall style, as this will be visible from most of the angles across the room.
  • The material choice- waterfall worktops can be stunning, but if they are not created with the right material, then they could be damaged accidentally, when covering a larger area, including the space towards the kitchen floor. As a result it is essential to choose a hard-wearing, durable worktop.

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