When planning and designing your new kitchen, it is important to choose a style and theme will suit you and your home. Country or rustic style kitchens offer a wealth of charm and warmth that is unmatched by any other kitchen style. And as a result, this style of kitchen has become very popular. But apart from the cabinets, the layout and the worktops, there are other smaller details that can make all the difference to the overall result. So what are the most important finishing touches for country kitchens? Well, here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen design professionals. From contemporary kitchens to traditional, Shaker or country kitchens, we offer something for every home. And this is our guide to everything you should know about the small design details that can add the perfect finish to your country kitchen.

What are the finishing touches for country kitchens?

There are several design features that you should consider adding to your country kitchen, to provide a high quality finish. These include:

  • Natural handles- once you’ve chosen your kitchen cabinets it can be a good idea to select some specific. Not only can the colour and material choice really make a difference to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen, but this can also have practical implications too. For a country kitchen, natural materials including metals (copper and brass) and timber can be very effective.
  • Flooring- choosing the right flooring for your kitchen is also an important consideration. Once you have designed the layout, the colour scheme and the style, it’s important to then choose a flooring type to match. Natural stone floors, or stone effect tiling can be effective, as can hardwood or timber effect floor tiles.
  • Cabinet decoration- for a country kitchen, your cabinets do not need to be bland and plain. You can instead add decorative features and touches to add personality and character to your kitchen.

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