Here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen design professionals. From contemporary kitchens to traditional, we offer something for every home. And this is our guide to everything you should know about the effective design ideas for stylish white kitchens.

What are the effective design ideas for stylish white kitchens?

To make sure your white kitchen cabinets pop, and create the right amount of visual interest, there are a number of different design ideas you can consider. These include:

  • Creating a visual feature- white cabinets can be a timeless addition to any kitchen but if you want to make your kitchen stand out, with increased personality and character, you could consider adding a visual feature. White cabinets can be the perfect blank background for you to add a touch of flair that is consistent with your kitchen design theme. This could include creating a stylish splash back or feature wall, or it could be a stylish sink and window central feature.
  • Adding a contrasting kitchen island- if your kitchen space is large enough for a kitchen island, choosing a different colour for this can be a great way to add style and interest to your kitchen space. Blues and greys can be very effective here for a modern or contemporary kitchen space, while wood or wood effect can be useful for a rustic, traditional or country style kitchen.
  • Choosing the right cabinetry design- choosing the right type of white kitchen cabinets can make a big difference to the overall visual result of the kitchen. For contemporary kitchen style, glossy white cabinets with no details or embellishments, and no handles, can be the most effective choice, while more traditional cabinet door styles, with the right handles and knobs, can be more beneficial for a more timeless kitchen result.

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