Having a small kitchen can be a real challenge sometimes – especially when you’re wondering where to put all your essentials and appliances. It can be hard trying to stay on top of the cleaning and organisation as everything can get cramped and that’s when you tend to lose your cool.

To stop you from having a breakdown, below we have listed the top tips to keep your kitchen tidy and organised.

Lazy Susan
A Lazy Susan can help you to keep all your things in one place – without anything going missing. Whether it be your herbs, honeys, salt and pepper shakers, this spinning savior will help to organize your tiniest essentials. While being easy to clean they can also fit anywhere, from corners, to cabinets to countertops and are available in many different sizes.

Hang Stuff Up
If there is absolutely nowhere left to store anything in your kitchen, consider hanging your items on the walls. Do this if you have an empty wall where you can mount shelves, hang hooks or even attach a cabinet. This will definitely give you more space for your utensils, cutlery and pots and pans.

Mop Once a Week
When it comes to having a small kitchen, it’s best to mop once a week as dirt and grime can build up faster than if your kitchen was bigger. It will also take you less time to clean and tidy, depending on what state your kitchen is in. Also, steer clear up bringing in items from other rooms to avoid clutter.

Clean Your Counters
The best thing to do is use an all-purpose cleaner so you can wipe up any messes and spills that occur and won’t be harmful towards your countertops or appliances. Spray your counters down, wipe them down and buff them daily!

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