If you’re a young family just moving into a house for the first time and you’ve got a toddler on your hands, it’s time to start toddler-fying it straight away and one of the most important rooms to do first is the kitchen. Below are a few useful tips on how to create a sleek and modern looking kitchen fit enough for a first time family, without worrying about your child putting their fingers where they shouldn’t! These tips and designs are made to last your home for years to come and instantly becomes a safe space to raise a family in.

A Neutral Palette

By using warm greys and whites for the kitchen your giving the room a sense of warmth and cosiness.  Use enamel based paint with a glazing over the top to give the room, especially the cabinets a fresh look. The glazing also helps to add depth to the overall finish.

If you have an island in your kitchen, add the grey palette to that as well as it will help the kitchen look more open and clean.

Cambria Quartz is one of the many materials you can use for the countertops as it’s durable and stain resistant. This is especially helpful for when you have children running around with sticky fingers, or when it’s tea time.

Child Proofing

So, not only do you want a good looking kitchen, the main reason you’re reading this is because you need a few tips on how to child proof room while still maintaining it’s gorgeous look.

By having a drawer under the wall cabinets filled with plastic plates and cutlery keeps your child from accessing the glassware and sharp essentials. You can also add a locking system to the cabinets that store breakables and also where you keep detergents, soaps and other cleaning supplies.

By keeping another drawer in the kitchen with stuff to keep your child occupied, they are less likely to want to give you a headache by banging pots and pans together.

Finally, use paint that has no or low VOC to reduce any allergies and toxicity.

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