Whether you want simple and modern or traditional and rustic, there is something so cozy and warm about a cottage kitchen as it projects a sense of comfort as soon as you step into it. Below we have listed some of the top ideas to help you re-create your cottage kitchen in time for those Autumn nights.

Incorporate animals
Bringing nature indoors is very in right now and by decorating your kitchen with appliances and accessories with animals such as roosters, ducks and chickens, it can definitely make your kitchen stand out that little bit more. Whether they are painted on mugs, printed on your tea towels or simply adorning your kitchen windowsill, it will for sure add a splash of the outdoors, indoors.

Choose and Island
Adding an island to your kitchen will straight away make it the most dominant piece within the room and will also help it to add extra cottage coziness as well. It will add a sort of rustic charm while also providing extra space to eat, work and cook!

Switch it Up
While the cottage kitchens seeps warmth and nostalgia, by mixing in some vintage looking accessories – such as handcrafted furniture and natural essentials you can really bring your kitchen to life. Don’t go overboard, be subtle about it as you don’t want to make the room to loud, choose pieces that highlight homeliness and add character.

Use more Light
One of the main functions of your cottage kitchen is not only to cook, but to entertain too. Adding light can completely change the overall look, feel and mood all together. Hang low lights from the ceiling or add fairy lights to jars and place them upon the table to really give off a countryside vibe. Remember, don’t have them too bright as you can dramatically alter the original look you’re going for.

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