If you’re a bit bored with how your kitchen is looking at the minute and you fancy a bit of a change, a little switch around; then these handy tips to create a more innovative kitchen are for you!

Angled Walls

By having angled or splayed walls in your kitchen, especially if the narrowest part of the room is right by the entrance, then all of a sudden your rooms opens up into this beautiful V shape which works wonders for your exterior. Although they can be sometimes quite difficult to achieve, its uniqueness is what really stands out.

Go more Eco – Friendly!

By including the previous design in your kitchen, the main goal is to let as much sunlight and natural warmth into the room as possible; this will also allow cool air to circulate during those hot, summer months. To achieve this, cover your roof with solar panels which absorbs as much sun and heat as possible while still keeping your kitchen cool.

Another tip is to feature a water capture system to collect rain water which saves you more on your energy bill and by using recyclable materials, such as reclaimed wood.

More Natural Light!

As well as being environmentally friendly, this design opens your kitchen up to make the outside the focal point through the glass doors. Try to keep the appliances as inconspicuous as possible maybe have a cabinet concealing the fridge freezer. By using LED lighting along the cabinets, your toning down the lighting and letting more warmth into the room.

By using mahogany wood for the cabinets, your polishing off your kitchen with a high class, sleek looking finish. The light streaming in through the doors also reflects off the cabinets and gives your room a golden glow.

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