Here at MLS Kitchens we are kitchen design and creation experts. One of the key aspects to kitchen design are the worktops. Whether you create an island worktop that stands alone, or you have worktops that run along the outside of the kitchen, the worktops are essential for the overall kitchen design and style. As a result, we have produced this guide to kitchen worktop solutions.

Wooden worktops

Adding a natural aspect to your kitchen design, wooden worktops can look fantastic. Whether you have a traditional kitchen or a contemporary kitchen, wooden worktops can be a fantastic finisher.

In terms of practicality, wooden worktops can be one of the most practical worktop solutions. They are solid, strong and durable. In addition, if the top of the surface becomes scratched or stained, a wooden worktop can be sanded to remove the effected area.

However, wooden surfaces will need some maintenance and waterproofing to make sure that they do not get damaged from spillages or leaks.

Quartz worktops

With around 70 different types of quartz worktops available, there is something to suit any kitchen style. From whites and greys, to coloured quartz, whatever your kitchen colour scheme, quartz can work for you. In addition, quartz worktops can also be highly polished. As a result, quartz can make a stand out visual feature.

Practically, quartz is a robust kitchen worktop material, and it is also durable and hard wearing.

Solid Surface worktops

Finally, solid surfaces can make for fantastic kitchen worktop solutions. Mixing acrylic polymer and natural minerals, solid surfaces are a man made material that look fantastic in contemporary kitchens.

Solid surfaces are built to last, and so practically, they are stain resistant, durable and hard-wearing.

For more information or advice about kitchen worktop solutions, contact the experts at MLS Kitchens today.

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