Kitchen storage solutions are essential to the way you use and enjoy your kitchen space. A kitchen without the correct storage will not be practical or effective. In fact, there is nothing worse than completing your entire redesign, or kitchen renovation, and then realising that practically, the storage you have just doesnt work. And in a contemporary kitchen, the storage solutions are a lot different. At MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen design experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to contemporary kitchen storage solutions.

Contemporary kitchen style

Clutter in a contemporary kitchen just doesnt work. The emphasis on a sleek and streamlined kitchen can be completely ruined by hanging posts and pans, open spice racks, and even the tea and coffee jars. This is because they are visually distracting and take attention away from the straight edged designs. As a result, storage solutions in a contemporary kitchen need to be geared towards this streamlined and sleek style.

Pull out drawers

Drawer space can be a huge advantage for storage. In fact, drawers can help you store a lot more items than cupboards, while taking up less space. But what about all those drawer handles? Well, one way to add drawers to your contemporary kitchen is to hide them behind a standard cupboard door. This way your cabinets retain a uniformed front, while allowing you to store a lot more.

Pull out larders

Another contemporary storage trick is to make use of all the space you have. Why not use a thin 20cm pull out larder to store your jars, spices, and tins, again fully hidden behind the cabinet front. This way you can save standard cupboard space and have somewhere specific for all your cooking items.

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