Here at MLS Kitchens in Manchester, we are leading kitchen design and style experts. From worktops to storage, we can ensure that your kitchen is not only stunning, but practical too. And one key way to achieve this, for medium to large kitchens, is by adding a kitchen island. Kitchen islands are a fantastic option for adding work-surface space, seating, and storage. As a result, we have produced this guide to kitchen island storage solutions.

Kitchen island storage solutions

No matter which shape you have chosen for your kitchen island, storage should be something it can add to your kitchen. A rectangular island tends to be larger than a round island though, so if storage is your number one priority, you might want to consider a larger rectangular kitchen island.

Generally speaking, a kitchen island will have two separate sides. One side is presented to the rest of the kitchen, while the other is hidden away. On the hidden side, is often where you will find the storage options. Especially in a contemporary kitchen, where the front of the kitchen island will be sleek, smooth and un-decorated. So what are these storage options?


Kitchen islands often use built in shelves to provide storage. And this can be a great option. From cookbooks to tins and jars, many of your kitchen objects can be stored neatly and securely in these shelves. However, drawers can allow you to store up to 30% more items!


Kitchen islands that use drawers can be a fantastic advantage in the kitchen. Drawers can be fitted to support a lot of weight, and this means that you can pile your pots and pans, or your tins and jars into deep drawers without having to worry.

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