If your new kitchen is a space that will be shared with children, particularly young children, this might be something you should consider when making your design choices. From boiling water to hot pans and sharp knives, kitchens are inherently dangerous places for young children to be. So, how can you design your new kitchen with them in mind? And how can you make your kitchen a safer environment? Well, here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen design professionals. We work with homeowners and property developers across the area to deliver high quality, stunning results. As a result, we have produced these kitchen design tips for family kitchens.

Kitchen design tips for family kitchens

To make your kitchen as practical and child friendly as possible, consider these design tips:

  • Storage is key- for a family kitchen you will need to consider storage as a priority. Consider how much cupboard space you will need, and then you can plan the layout, and the design, around the all important storage. You might even want to ensure that your low cabinets can be fitted with a child proof system, to keep youngsters out of your cupboards and out of danger.
  • Use rounded edges- the edges of your work-surfaces need to be rounded for safety, as these are often at head or eye height for children who could seriously be hurt if they fell into a sharp edge.
  • Use a textured finish- you might like the look of a pristine, glossy, contemporary kitchen, but will you still be impressed when it has finger prints and greasy hand marks all over? Well, this is something to seriously consider, as gloss surfaces show up any imperfections, unlike a matt finish, or even a textured finish like wood or natural stone.
  • Child size workstation- if your youngsters like to help in the kitchen, why not lower part of the worksurface for them, so its easier for them to access? This means they wont need to balance on chairs or stools, which could be dangerous in the kitchen.

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