Every kitchen, just like every household, is different. For some people, the kitchen is the centre of the home, while for others, it’s mainly used for entertaining and batch cooking on a Sunday. But whatever your kitchen is used for, and whatever your cooking style, you need a worktop that is designed to match your specific, individual requirements. Here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen design professionals. As a result, we have produced this guide to choosing a worktop to suit your cooking style.

Choosing a worktop to suit your cooking style

So, how can your cooking style influence your choice of worktop? And should it? Well, the simple answer is that the way you cook, and use your kitchen on the whole, should help you determine which type of kitchen worktop you need. So, what’s your cooking style?

  • The messy chef- if you enjoy cooking with plenty of fresh ingredients and herbs and spices, you probably should opt for a resilient and durable kitchen worktop, that isn’t going to be easily stained. Corian and other solid surfaces can be a good choice, as can quartz.
  • The entertainer- if your kitchen is used a lot for entertaining guests, you’ll want to choose something that really looks the part. The visual appeal will be the most important factor when choosing your worktop, so you could opt for hardwood or natural stone. Just remember that these will also take more maintenance, to keep them waterproof, durable, and looking their best.
  • The morning coffee drinker- if your kitchen is a quick pit stop in the morning, and the place where you unwrap your takeaway, your kitchen worktop material will be less important to you, so a laminate could be a good option. You might also consider extending the worktop to create a breakfast bar, so you have somewhere to sit down with your morning coffee.
  • The family chef- if you cook home cooked meals for young children every night, you should consider rounding the edges of any of your work-surfaces, to keep it safe for your youngsters.

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