When it comes to your new kitchen, choosing the design or style is paramount. Contemporary kitchen design remains the most popular choice for many new kitchens. But why is this so popular? And what kind of features should you look out for? Here at MLS Kitchens in Manchester, we are kitchen design specialists. As a result, we have produced this guide to contemporary kitchen design.

Straight edged and sleek

Throughout contemporary kitchens, you will see sleek cabinets, often with glossy finishes and straight edges. This is because the contemporary kitchen design removes decorative features and flares, preferring a no-clutter visual aesthetic.

Visually flat, a contemporary kitchen draws the attention instead to the shape and style of the fixtures and cabinets.

However, not everything in a contemporary kitchen will be straight. In fact bolder, sweeping curves can be used to great effect. This is especially true for solid surface worktops and back-splashes. This shaping adds a personalised touch.

Material choices

Throughout contemporary kitchens, the materials used tend to be man made.

From laminate cabinets to glossy acrylic, right through to solid surfaces, cabinetry in a contemporary kitchen has a range of options. However, they will all be finished in smooth and sleek style, with few ridges, and no decorative features.

When it comes to the materials used for contemporary kitchen worktops, you will find they are very similar to the cabinets. However, natural stone and timber cabinets can also be a fantastic addition to a contemporary kitchen, provided they are finished in a way that suits the overall design.

Colour choices

The final item on our guide to contemporary kitchen design is the colour choice. Monochrome and natural colours make a great background for contemporary kitchens, while cabinetry in acrylic can be chosen from a range of colour options. Whichever you choose, make sure you follow the colour guide lines. These are:

  • 10% for an accent colour
  • 30% for a secondary colour and
  • 60% for the dominent room colour.

In summary

We hope our guide to contemporary kitchen design has been helpful. From material choices to colour choices, contemporary design offers a range of considerations. Why not take a look at what we can offer , here at MLS Kitchens Manchester.

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