A kitchen is a special place. It is where we find nourishment, where we force our children to eat their vegetables, and, for reasons none of us will ever know, it is where guests always gather at parties. At MLS Kitchens, we feel that an area of such significance should be the best it can be, which is where our comprehensive service and carefully selected products come into play.

Every kitchen is different, and must fit your personality and tastes. We will sit down with you to kick off the exciting process. You will have a lot of choices to make, from surface and flooring material, to the number of cupboards needed and the ultimate question: to have an island or to not have an island? You tell us what’s in your mind and the style that best says “this is me”, and we’ll go about making it happen, quickly and at an extremely competitive price. We pay attention to the little things that you may not even think about, such as cabinets complete with that all-important silent soft-close feature. All of these things add up to a comfortable, usable and stylish kitchen.

You may be wondering what makes us so different from the rest, and at the risk of sounding like David Cameron, let us answer your question very directly. We have spent years and years cultivating relationships with a select group of reputable companies. They know the pristine quality we demand, and we know that they are more than capable of delivering it. This means you do not have to waste time worrying about whether a company will deliver what it says it will. We have done that all for you, and have orchestrated the perfect team.

Building a bespoke kitchen is an exciting time, and you will need a company you can rely on, with friendly, style-savvy staff and over 14 years of experience. We have cut out unnecessary showrooms so that we can reduce our overheads and invest this money into improving our service. A fine example of where this money has gone is our 3D modelling software. See a computer-generated image of what your new kitchen will look like – the sleek metallic finish, or the warm wooden country style that sums you up. Add this to a seven-day guaranteed delivery period, and MLS Kitchens is the perfect kitchen producing machine.

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