If you’re considering having a new kitchen fitted, one of the most important decisions you have to make is what style it should be. You’re probably already aware of traditional and modern styles, but there are a huge variety of unusual fashions available for your kitchen. With that in mind, we’ve compiled some of the looks you might like to consider.


Do you long for a kitchen that exudes relaxed, continental charm? Mediterranean kitchens feature hand-painted tiles, wooden cabinets painted in warm colours, curvaceously-shaped furnishings and decorative wrought-iron details. They combine traditional elements with a timeless sense of sophistication and are the perfect for anyone looking for a kitchen that’s simultaneously warmly welcoming and gorgeously stylish.


Rustic kitchens evoke a bygone era of homely simplicity and comfort. If you yearn for a sense of authenticity in your kitchen, the rustic style might just be perfect for you. Eschewing the harsh lines and smooth materials of modernity, rustic kitchens utilise rough-hewn woods and vintage-style fittings. A rustic kitchen might feature a wood-burning stove or a cosy fireplace. However, this style is defined more by the emotional response it creates than by any one feature; whenever you walk into a rustic kitchen, it should feel like coming home.


A contemporary kitchen is almost the exact opposite of a rustic kitchen; it fully embraces modernity. The clean lines and smooth surfaces typically found in this style are thoroughly chic and fashionable. However, contemporary kitchens are infinitely more playful than other modern kitchens. They incorporate elements from other styles and aren’t afraid to experiment with curved surfaces and splashes of bright colour.


The ‘craftsman’ style emerged early in the 20th century as an aesthetic riposte to mass production. A craftsman kitchen marries form and function to create a look that is elegant and minimalist, yet simultaneously inviting and warm. They use rich woods, earthy colour-schemes and handcrafted tiles, which are illuminated with clean, simple lighting. The style was created in response to the concern of a very specific era, yet it is timeless. A craftsman kitchen would suit anyone wanting to combine modern sophistication with traditional warmth.

Because we provide a tailored design service here at MLS, you should feel free to ask about incorporating any of your stylistic preferences into your kitchen; hopefully, our list gave you a few ideas to consider!

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