When our design specialists here at MLS Kitchens in Oldham set to work on a new project, we often discover that it’s the little touches that people find add so much to the finished kitchen. Of course, each one is unique, so the ideas we offer here are only a starting point from a huge range of possibilities. So, here goes…

• Soften one or more sharp room corners with an angled cupboard, making the whole room seem slightly more intimate
• A circular splatter guard above the hob can add a touch of rounded elegance to your design
• Adding a range of ceiling lights, from recessed to spots, in various parts of your kitchen can help deliver a different ambiance
• Adding a dual-purpose worktop, with a pair of stools on one side, can make more effective use of a tight kitchen space
• A brick-effect finish along a single wall, say above a sink or hob, can add a strikingly different impression to the room
• Producing a mirrored splatter guard backplate for your hob can add light and space to your smaller kitchen
• Adding a single glass or mirrored door to a series of cupboards can add a different touch to a uniform area
• Installing interior lighting in a glass-fronted cupboard can add an impression of depth to the feature
• A single, traditional wooden shelf above the hob, but just below ceiling level, can bring that traditional, homely feel to any style of kitchen
• An antique trough-style sink, either in single or double style, with a matching choice of taps, can create a conversation piece for visitors
• A central chandelier lighting installation cam provide terrific focus to the key part of the room – say over your dining table

The above are no more than possibilities to get you thinking, and then discussing with our friendly and professional team. You can see images of these, and so much more, by clicking on this link www.mlskitchensmanchester.co.uk/previous-work, where you’ll see a range of the many striking and stylish, practical and exciting, kitchen projects our MLS team have already undertaken for so many folk around the Oldham, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Greater Manchester areas. To find out what your next kitchen could be, do call us now on 0845 556 3780.

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