As one of Manchester’s leading providers of kitchen design, here at MLS Kitchens we know exactly what it takes to create the perfect kitchen.

But for many people preferring to go it alone, the pitfalls of DIY kitchen design can often prove to be more pain than it’s worth.

Specialist kitchen designers do a lot more than simply take the hassle away – here are our five reasons to stay away from DIY kitchens:

1. Expert planning

When you’re planning your own dream kitchen, it can often be difficult to balance what you need with what you want.

Expert kitchen designers such as ourselves gather as much information about your needs, before making a balanced and informed proposal of what features to include in the design.

2. Unrivalled quality

When sourcing your own cabinets, worktops and units, finding consistent quality can be a nightmare. As well as being a time consuming process, in many cases finding the perfect combination can sometimes be impossible.

Here at MLS Kitchens, we’re able to source unique products that you can rarely find in DIY superstores – meaning you can enjoy a kitchen that’s truly tailored to your tastes.

3. Safe and professional installation

The physical installation of kitchens is by far the most hazardous element of the DIY kitchen design process. From lopsided units to ill-fitting appliances, a lack of installation experience can prove dangerous and unsightly.

With over 25 years of experience, our staff provides industry leading kitchen installation services. This means that the kitchen of your dreams actually comes true, rather than remaining just that – a pipe dream.

4. A cost-effective solution

DIY can often seem like a cheaper option than using a kitchen designer. But the hidden costs can often make this an illusion. Consider the following; kitchen units, drills, mastic guns, drill bits, files, screwdrivers and clamps. That’s before you even cost in the time it will take you to fit the kitchen itself.

When you consider all the tools, materials, equipment and time you need to fit a kitchen, an all-inclusive kitchen design solution isn’t as expensive as you might first think.

5. Peace of mind

Above anything else, here at MLS Kitchens we can help give you and your family peace of mind when fitting a kitchen.

Design, material sourcing and installation are all huge tasks in themselves and when balancing a full-time job, they can be a lot more time consuming than you might think.

With our help, you can sit back and relax while the kitchen of your dreams takes shape right before you.

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