The days are cold and the nights are even colder so there’s nothing better than coming home to a warm and cosy house! While the living room tends to warm up quicker than the rest of the house, the kitchen always seems to be left feeling cold and bare, so to avoid this, we’ve put together a few tips on how to cosy up your kitchen this Winter!

Darker Palette

Having the right colour palette can instantly makeover your room, by adding different tones and depth to it. By adding dark, rich reds and burgundy to your kitchen you’re instantly making the room more inviting and adding a lot more warmth with minimal effort. Earthy tones work really well if you want a more natural look and feel, use these for the splashback effect instead of bold colours.

Got Wood?

Instead of metallic and chrome countertops and appliances why not use wood instead? Having wood in your home instantly makes us think of cosy log cabins and fire places, it’s comfortable, simple and effective! Much like your dark palette, it brings a lot of warmth into the room, making us feel that much more at home.

Different Accessories

To avoid making the room feel bland, boring and bare, use accessories to really give the room life. Accessories such as pot holders, spice racks and bread bins make the room feel more lived in instead of a room used just for cooking.

Sit Down, Relax and Get Comfy

If your kitchen is quite big and you have the space, adding a small couch or chair can really open the space up more. Imagine curling up in a comfy chair while your soup bubbles away on the hob, I’m afraid it doesn’t get any better than that.

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