Here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen professionals. From cabinets, to kitchen islands, we are kitchen design experts, and we can help you make all the right decisions. This includes choosing a new kitchen worktop. A decision that is often more important than expected. That’s because the right worktops aren’t just stylish and attractive, but also incredibly practical. So, whatever your culinary skills, you need a worktop that will work for you. Composite worktops can be the perfect choice. But what exactly is a composite worktop, and what are your options? Well, this is our guide to comparing composite kitchen worktops.

What is a composite worktop?

First of all, what is a composite kitchen worktop? Well, a composite worktop is simply an engineered worktop that combines materials to make a strong, suitable surface. This is usually a mix of stone or mineral, and other manufactured materials, like acrylic, with the end result being a worktop that is more resilient, durable and flexible than its natural counterpart.

Comparing composite kitchen worktops

When it comes to comparing composite kitchen worktops, there are three types you should be aware of. These include:

⦁ engineered stone or quartz
⦁ solid surfaces
⦁ sintered stone

Each of these composite worktop types have their own advantages and disadvantages.


Quartz is the most common choice for composite worktops and it combines natural quartz with epoxy resin and pigments to make a strong and durable surface. In many cases, engineered stone can be less expensive than natural stone, but it still has a very natural and authentic look that suits a range of kitchen styles. Including both contemporary and traditional kitchens.

Solid surfaces

Solid surface materials like Corian and Staron can be a fantastic option for kitchen worktops. Made from a mix of mineral dust and acrylic, these solid surfaces look less like stone and more like the acrylic compound. This makes it a perfect material choice for contemporary kitchens. Solid surface worktops can be thermaformed into a range of shapes and styles, depending on your requirements. And they are also flexible, seamless, hygienic and non-porous.

Sintered stone

Comparatively new, sintered stone puts the minerals through an intensive heat and pressure process, similar to the forces exerted on igneous rock during formation. This leads to a final product that is fully heat resistant, non porous, and incredibly durable and hard-wearing. For different aesthetic results, different pigments can be added, which means that sintered stone can appear in a range of designs, from metallic, to marble.

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