Perfect for any home or kitchen, with any theme or style in mind, the kitchen island is both an incredibly practical and a stylish investment. With a wide variety of colours, sizes, shapes and styles available, a kitchen island can suit any style of kitchen, from the most contemporary, to the most traditional. But choosing the perfect kitchen island for your space is more difficult than you might think. Here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen design experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to choosing a kitchen island.

Kitchen islands

Practical, versatile and stylish, kitchen islands can transform and enhance any kitchen space. They can be used for either preparing food, or eating from, and they also provide additional storage areas. In fact, some kitchen islands are even used to house the sink and draining board, which is an excellent and innovative use of the space available.

Whatever you decide to use your kitchen island for, it will generally have two parts: the public front side, and the working side. This means that on the working side, there will be deep cabinets or draws for storage and practicalities, while on the public side, it will be more decorative and style focused.

Choosing a kitchen island

But whatever you choose to use your kitchen island for, there are a range of considerations to think about. These include:

  • the design
  • the size
  • the shape

The kitchen island design

The design of the kitchen island should fit with your overall kitchen. So if you have a high gloss, smooth, contemporary kitchen, your kitchen island needs to match these design principles. Straight edges or sweeping curves can look great on your contemporary kitchen island, and a square, rectangle or even circle will look the part.

In contrast, a rustic kitchen with lots of wooden surfaces will benefit from a kitchen island made from the same hardwood. And because of the nature of rustic kitchens, a square or rectangle kitchen island would probably fit best.

Kitchen island size

The size of the kitchen island will depend on the size available in your kitchen, as you need to be ale to navigate right around the outside of the island. However, if your kitchen isn’t large enough for a practically sized kitchen island, squeezing in a small one will not improve your kitchen. So always make sure it is a practical addition, not just an aesthetic one.

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