One of the easiest aspects of your kitchen design to overlook and neglect, kitchen storage is more important than you may think. There is nothing worse than completing your kitchen redesign and renovation, and realising that your storage solutions just aren’t practical. Here at MLS Kitchens, we know just how important the perfect kitchen is, and this includes storage space. This is our guide to help you save space, with 7 creative kitchen storage top tips.

Creative kitchen storage

Storage in your kitchen doesn’t have to be limited to cupboards and shelves, you could:

  • Make use of spare space between the fridge and the wall to create a larder pull out. This can store your cans and jars out of sight, on a practical wheeled rack.
  • Use hooks to hang up pots and pans in the space above your cooker. This leaves your cupboard space free for more food storage.
  • Install hanging racks on the inside of cupboard doors. This is great for items like cling film, kitchen foil and freezer bags. This will give you more drawer or cupboard space for more important items
  • Double up on shelf space by using hanging hooks from underneath. This means your cookbooks can be displayed on the shelf, with your spices or bakery equipment in baskets hanging underneath.
  • Use long wire racks on the side of your oven, or another flat surface. This is a great way to store pots and pans, or even plates, and can free up some valuable cupboard space
  • Use pull out cupboards. This means you can almost double your cupboard space and keep items hidden, making better use of the space.
  • Use specially designed “magic corner” cupboards, which means that in small kitchens with limited cupboard space you can store more items

In summary

Creative storage solutions in the kitchen are essential to the practicality and usability of your kitchen, and they don’t have to be expensive. Make use of all the space and combine this with specifically designed storage solutions to make your kitchen work for you. We hope you enjoyed our 7 creative kitchen storage top tips. For all your kitchen inspiration and designs, contact us at MLS Kitchens today.

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