Here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen specialists. From colour schemes to storage, we offer kitchen solutions that can suit any home, and any style. Contemporary or traditional, rustic or shaker, whatever your kitchen style, we can help. This includes worktops. And choosing the right material for your kitchen worktop isn’t just about the aesthetic appeal. You also need to consider the practicalities of the material. As a result, we have produced this guide to the benefits of quartz worktops.


Your kitchen worktop needs to be a strong, resistant and durable material. After all, you will regularly be using this surface for food preparation, which generally involves all manner of risks. From sharp knives causing surface scratches, to heavy pans causing chips or cracks, your work-surface needs to be prepared for a beating. And one of the main benefits of quartz worktops is the durability. Quartz is a strong and resilient surface that can offer a high level of impact resistance, and scratch resistance.

Water resistant

Not only does your kitchen work surface need to be resistant to scratches and chips, but it needs to be non-porous too. Quartz, by design, is fully water resistant. And this means that you don’t need to worry about water damage in and around your kitchen. This is one of the main advantages of quartz when compared with other surfaces, like natural timber, that can be negatively effected by water.

In addition, surfaces that are fully water resistant are more likely to be hygienic and clean. That’s because the surface does not allow bacteria and germs to be absorbed into the worktop, or allow them to thrive on the surface.


Finally, quart kitchen worktops looks great in any kitchen, with any style. Quartz is manufactures in a range of colours that can suit a variety of homes, and it looks equally as effective in a contemporary home, as it does a traditional kitchen.

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