Whether your kitchen style is traditional or contemporary, dark kitchen cabinets can really bring your kitchen to life. Despite the increase in variety of colours, white kitchen suites remain the most popular choice throughout the UK. But other cupboard options such as dark grey, deep blue, dark green, and deep red are also growing in popularity. So what are the benefits to choosing these coloured cabinets, over the traditional white suite? And how does this relate to kitchen style? Well, here at MLS Kitchens in Manchester we are kitchen design experts.  As a result we have produced this guide to the advantages of dark kitchen cabinets.

Advantages of dark kitchen cabinets

There are many advantages to choosing darker kitchen cabinets. These include:

  • dark cabinets stand out against a range of light and dark colours, while white cabinets need a dark background to really be noticeable
  • dark cabinets are stylish and more unusual, so your kitchen will feel more unique and interesting
  • dark cabinets are effective in both matt finishes and high gloss, so they suit all kitchen styles.

Dark kitchen cabinet colour choices

There are a range of options available for your dark cabinets. These include:

  • Blue- deep navy blue can be perfect for kitchens, adding a touch of sophistication. Pair this with lighter counter-tops for a traditional and charming kitchen, or choose a high gloss finish for your contemporary kitchen
  • Green-  using deeper, darker, greens is a great way to add style to your kitchen. Rich emeralds look incredible with a glossy finish, in any contemporary kitchen.
  • Purple- aubergine kitchen cabinets with a high gloss finish can be stunning for the contemporary kitchen. Especially when paired with chrome and greys, to really help the purple stand out
  • Red- deep reds look fantastic either in a matt finish, or a high gloss finish, and are perfect for either traditional or contemporary kitchens.

If you are ready to create your perfect kitchen, consider darker kitchen cabinets for a stunning and personal effect. Why not check out what we have to offer here at MLS Kitchens?

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