Kitchen cabinets are integral to your kitchen style. From contemporary, to traditional, your cabinets need to reflect your theme. They provide the ultimate finishing touch to your kitchen design. Here at MLS Kitchens in Manchester, we are experts at kitchen design. As a result, we have produced these tips for choosing new kitchen cabinets.


One of the first decisions you need to make is the material you want your kitchen cabinets to be made from. The available materials range from wood to laminate, to glass or acrylic. Opt for a material that suits the style of kitchen you are aiming to create.


Once you have selected your material, you will need to decide on the finish you want your cabinets to have. Wooden cabinets can be painted or glossed for example. Gloss or matt is what this decision eventually boils down to.

Style of cabinets

The final item in our list of tips for choosing new kitchen cabinets, is style. With a range of cabinet styles available, it can be harder than you might think. The styles include:

⦁ Flat Kitchen Cabinets- These are cabinets with no elaborate detail. They suit contemporary kitchens that focus on smooth lines and straight finishes. Practically, they often have a gloss finish. As a result, they are really easy to wipe clean, and will stay looking newer, for longer.
⦁ Inset Kitchen Cabinets- These are cabinets that are inset. This means that the edge of the work surface overhangs the front of the cabinet doors, by approximately an inch. This gives a very classic and elegant style. However, this type of cabinet is often more expensive. In addition, they have visible, external door hinges. This can put some people off.
⦁ Shaker Kitchen Cabinets- These are more detailed than the flat kitchen cabinets but are still quite minimalistic. The name comes from the Shaker style. As a result, these cabinets are simplistic and elegant. They are popular for both contemporary and traditional kitchens.

In summary

Kitchen cabinet choices are extremely important. From the material you want to use, to the finish of the cabinets, there are decisions to be made. The style of the cabinets will also need to be considered. We hope you found our tips for choosing new kitchen cabinets helpful. If you would like more help or advice, why not contact the experts at MLS Kitchens today? Or check out our range of kitchens, online or in our Manchester store.

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