Kitchen design is something of an evolutionary nature, constantly updating and changing with new technologies and the social aspects of how the kitchen is used. One of the biggest trends we at MLS Kitchens have noticed over the last year is the popularity of linear formed designs.

A truly modern classic, these kitchens can work in almost any environment, from a tiny apartment to an expansive open-plan style kitchen.

Key aspects of a modern, linear kitchen are:

* Harmonious, unbroken forms and clean lines of cabinets create symmetry and balance within the kitchen, which is ideal for all modern families.

* Design features such as concealed appliances, seam-free and handle-less cabinets, large and deep drawers and clutter-free worktops.

* The use of glossed cabinets because they reflect light, creating the illusion of much more space.

At MLS Kitchens we have a variety of designs which suit this aesthetic for all budgets.

* Our Lucente kitchen in cream, white or black glossed cabinets is a really beautiful choice. Its smooth and glossy textures, use of curved doors, handle-less cabinets and unbroken forms create an elegant and classic modern kitchen.

* The Lusso kitchen in white or cream takes the design aesthetic and ideals of the linear kitchen but adds exquisite details such as the choice of glossy splash backs, hidden basin and contemporary handles which follow the continuous forms of the cabinets.

* The Odyssey kitchen is available in white, cream, black and stunningly dramatic aubergine. Wide drawers and low cabinets make this kitchen unique and stylish and create a sense of space because of the way the eye is drawn across and not above.

Our design team at MLS Kitchens are experts in this field, working directly with clients to achieve their kitchen dreams. Their knowledge of design trends mean you will always receive top class service and expert opinions.

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