When it comes to your kitchen, getting the design and style perfect is an essential criteria. But what if you have a small kitchen, or one​ that has an awkward shape? How can you plan to make the most of the space? Here at MLS kitchens we are Manchester’s leading kitchen design experts. As a result we have produced this guide to small kitchen design.


When planning small kitchen design it is crucial​ to begin with the storage. The practical usability of the space is an essential part of your kitchen, especially in a small kitchen where a lack of space can make your kitchen feel less useful and less welcoming. But there are many storage solutions you can apply to your small kitchen design. These include:

  • inner drawer’s- using a cupboard door to cover the entire section of storage means that your small kitchen doesn’t have to be segmented or feel cluttered with lots of drawer space. However the addition of the drawers can be integral to increasing the storage space with up to 30% more storage than cupboards can provide.
  • storage racks- if you have a spare 30cm, you have more than enough room for a pull out storage rack which is perfect for your spices, tins and jars.

Design and layout

Just because you have a small kitchen, doesn’t mean that you should overlook design​ or layout. In fact the design​ of your small kitchen can make a huge difference to the usability of the room. why not consider:

  • shallow cupboards- instead of installing large, deep cupboards, why not install wider cupboards that are shallow. This will prevent the cupboard space from eating into your room space, and help the room feel larger. it has the added benefit of not allowing your cans and jars to get lost at the back of the cupboard.

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