Everybody wants their kitchen to be something that they can call their own, something that makes you feel good when walking into it, especially after a long day. A kitchen is a safe haven for most people, whether they use it for cooking purposes or social gatherings. It’s a room that not only casts a golden hue over the granite countertops in the bright, early hours of the morning but it also shines a light over you for the rest of the day. It’s provides food and comfort for you and your family and in order to do that, it needs to be well looked after. After you’ve picked the perfect one, of course.

Below are a few styles that are surely making its way into people’s good books for the next year to come.

Celestial Island’s

Having an island in the middle of your kitchen allows you, your family and friends to gather around and sit majestically while you converse. It delivers a feeling of togetherness by combining perfectly functional appliances with a soft, geometric aesthetic to uphold its magnificent architectural structure.

If you have the space, why not!

Clever Cloth

Designers are now keeping their eye on different textiles and fabrics as Europe now supplies cloth doors instead of wood and steel. It uses innovative framework that can be moved easily, assembled quickly and 100% recyclable.

This will be a massive hit amongst the eco-friendly audience as this new concept reduces the carbon footprint emissions of your kitchen alone! Even if you’re not as environmentally conscious as you should be, it’s a great way to start all while having your kitchen looking fabulously sleek as you do so.

No More Walls!

Walls have a restrictive influence within your house, especially your kitchen. Understandably, walls are there for protection and privacy purposes, but kitchens are supposed to be inviting and homey.

By tearing them down, your kitchen instantly becomes more approachable, multi functioning and provides special definition that you didn’t have before. This open plan setting maximises storage space and leaves you free from obstruction!

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