It’s no lie that 2016 is the year of innovative design and production, and this is why one company in particular has gone to extreme lengths to create something that creates accurate, on point measurements. Smart laser technology has been designed to increase any company’s ability to meet their customer’s expectations.

If you’re sick of measuring your house for something to not fit right when you put it up, then look no further, your prayers have been answered, your wishes have come true and you can finally let out a deep breath.

InnoDraw is their name and you’re going to want to remember them for years to come. Their measuring technology is cost effective, highly accurate and uses state of the art equipment to achieve this. What this technology does, is it scans rooms and its contents right down to the last millimetre!

Some companies that use InnoDraw specialise in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, countertop fabricators architects, and cabinet manufacturers. Just to name a few!

This software technology can be applied to any area of the industry, especially within construction and refurbishment.

By removing the hassle of guessing what measurements you need, it allows you to relax knowing that everything will be measured properly. This is achieved by:

  • Lowering the cost
  • Knowing the exact cost of the measurements
  • Having the templates archived and backed up
  • Reducing any mistakes

A proven example of InnoDraw comes from a customer who has delivered over 15,000 measurements in just over a year and a half! Even 40% of them were delivered to design professionals.

This new style of measuring is dynamic and has already taken off in countries such as the USA, Sweden, Brazil, Israel and its soon hoped to be expanding to the UK as well!

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