here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen design specialists. And this is our guide to everything you should know about maximising space in your kitchen.

What are the effective options for maximising space in your kitchen?

If space is tight in your kitchen, you might not have to compromise as much as you may think. That’s because there are a number of different and effective option for making the most out of the available space, and maximising the usable space. These options include:

  • Using slimline furniture
  • Using clever storage solutions

Maximising kitchen space with slimline furniture

Slimline kitchen furniture can be the perfect option for smaller kitchen spaces, or medium sized kitchens that wouldn’t otherwise be large enough for seating or a kitchen island. This type of furniture includes:

  • Slimline cabinets- these are cabinets with less depth than usual, which frees up floor space in the centre of the kitchen
  • Slimline worktops- these also have less depth but still provide the same visual and practical worktop qualities
  • Slimline kitchen islands- narrow kitchen islands can fit into the smaller kitchen spaces with ease

Maximising kitchen space with clever storage solutions

To increase the space within any kitchen, you will need to consider the storage. Clever storage solutions can allow you to have the storage space you need, without taking up too much room. These storage solutions include:

  • Increasing drawer space- drawers can be used to store more items than cupboards, so when space is tight, the number of drawers should be increased.
  • Shelves and racking- using shelves and racking can help store items in a more practical and less space consuming way.
  • Pull out storage- narrow storage racks can be used as pull out storage in narrow gaps.

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