The kitchen is the heart of the home, and kitchen design is one of the important factors when developing and remodelling a property. While contemporary kitchens are incredibly popular, timeless kitchen design is an alternative and effective option. But what should you consider when creating this type of kitchen? Well, here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen design specialists. And this is our guide to everything you should know about creating a timeless kitchen.

What are the effective options for creating a timeless kitchen?

A classic or timeless kitchen can be created in a number of different ways, as long as special attention is paid to certain interior kitchen design features. These include:

  • Worktops
  • Colour schemes
  • Integrated appliances

Worktop choices for timeless kitchens

To create a truly timeless kitchen, you must consider the worktop style, material and colour choice. Some very effective options include:

  • quartz worktops
  • timber or timber effect worktops
  • natural stone effect worktops

As you can tell, each of these worktop options are natural and neutral, at least in visual effect. This is because natural design elements rarely age, unlike colour schemes and other design choices.

Colour schemes for timeless kitchens

Just as natural design features do not age, the same can be said for natural colour schemes. White has long been a classic colour choice for kitchens, and this remains popular for both contemporary and traditional kitchen styles. Beiges, creams, greys and even black are other effective colour options for a timeless kitchen design.

Integrated appliances for timeless kitchens

Even with the best possible kitchen design, there is one thing that can instantly age any kitchen. This is the appliances themselves. By choosing integrated appliances, your appliances will be built into the kitchen cabinets themselves which will hide them from view and help maintain the timeless kitchen design. This can also include induction hobs.

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