We don’t all have huge spaces in which to carve out the perfect kitchen, but that doesn’t mean that the perfect kitchen can’t be created in even the smallest of rooms. Use these tips to make the most of the space you’ve got, no matter how squeezed for space you are.

1. The ceiling’s your limit

Chances are there’s plenty of kitchen space above your head that you don’t think about most of the time. By making use of this space with wall cupboards, shelves and hanging racks, you can free up more space down below. If you’re comfortable with a step stool, there’s no reason you can’t take shelves all the way up to the ceiling. Just make sure you plan your wall cupboards at a suitable height that you can reach, because you’ll probably be putting some things in there that get used every day.

2. Think about how often you use all of your appliances

Anything that doesn’t get used every day should go in a cupboard – or on top of the wall cupboards, if you can get up there. This will free up more valuable worktop space and make your kitchen feel tidier and less cluttered.

3. Your kitchen will look and feel bigger if you opt for a light, bright colour scheme

It doesn’t have to be all-white, but darker colours will bring the walls in and emphasise the room’s cosiness – which is probably not something you want in a small kitchen. Bright colours and shiny surfaces that reflect light are definitely the way to go.

4. Breakfast bars can be a lifesaver in small kitchens

By installing a breakfast bar instead of a traditional table, you’re adding a dining space that can also be used as an additional worktop or kitchen island.

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