At MLS Kitchens, an important part of our job is to keep abreast of all the latest developments in the kitchen trade, and this includes the latest fashions and fads that spring up when it comes to the design of kitchens. We are accustomed to offering professional advice, from the inception of our customers’ projects right through to the installation and completion. For this reason, it is essential we keep up to date on the new ways in which homeowners are planning kitchens, and the design features that are growing in popularity.

As the year gets into full swing, there are a few trends emerging; here, we run through four that have caught our eye.

1. Metal mantle hoods

The mantle hood is the overarching design feature of the most industrious part of our kitchen, the stove, where all the action goes on! Maybe it is for this reason that many customers are moving away from wooden mantle hoods to those made from metal – it gives your kitchen a nice industrial feel where it is most appropriate, and can be a lot easier to clean.

2. Muted colour palettes

Kitchen design leaders have pointed to a rise in the use of white colour palettes for understated colour schemes. This is said to be a nod to the simple style of the 1960s, when life in general was a whole lot less complicated!

3. Cabinet lighting

If you want your kitchen to sparkle whatever the time of day or night, it could be an idea to install lighting within your cabinets to add to your table lamps and ceiling lights. At MLS Kitchens, we have a range of cabinet lighting options we are happy to present.

4. Kitchens go device-friendly

The number of tablets, mobile phones and other electronic devices which we now leave in the kitchen, to charge or otherwise, is growing. That is why we will see the growth in ‘device corners’, which leave us ample plug sockets and keep away the expensive equipment from potentially hazardous areas of the kitchen.

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