We understand that it’s hard when it comes to redesigning your home, especially a particular room and not having any inspiration at all. So to help you out, we’ve put three simple steps together in which you can follow so can customise your kitchen effortlessly!

Colour Theme

Your colour palette is what sets the mood in the kitchen, and people think his has to revolve around worktops and cupboards, but alas it doesn’t! You can add colour to the room by bringing in items and appliances that work well with the colour you have already. For example, if your kitchen represents a dark theme, then adding splashes of orange will really make the room stand out even more. This also goes for the colour of your pots, pans and cutlery, the style of your appliances and even the colour of your oven mits. Go wild!

Using Pictures

Another great way you can customise your kitchen is to bring the photography element into it. Add family photos around the room to make it seem more homey. You can even add abstract shaped photographs into the room to give it more of an edgy vibe. Think about the style of the frames or even the colour of the artwork and see which you decide is best for your room.

Pots and Plants

Plants and other sources of greenery will immediately give your room that extra something. Not only do the plants do this, but the pots there in do it as well. You don’t always have to add plants either, you can pick crazy and colourful flowers if you want! Just make sure you look after them as you don’t want to be featuring dead plants while your serving up tea to your guests. Good luck!

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