One of the most important decisions for any new kitchen is the colour scheme. In fact, it’s probably what causes the most arguments throughout the design process. While neutral kitchen colours, or full white suites are still popular, more and more colour schemes are filtering into mainstream kitchen design. For example, blues, greys and reds are becoming increasingly popular. But which colour scheme would suit your home? And how can you get the right fit? Well, here at MLS kitchens, we know how important the perfect kitchen is. As a result, we have produced this guide to choosing a kitchen colour scheme.

Kitchen theme

Before you set your mind on a colour scheme, you should opt for a kitchen theme. Do you want to a glossy contemporary kitchen with statement curves and handle-less cupboards? Or would you prefer a rustic kitchen with hard wood cabinets? Either decision will influence the range of colours available for your worktops or cabinets.

Finish options

When it comes to your new kitchen, you will need to make a decision about the materials and the finishes used, And this in turn will influence the range of colour choices available.

For example, if you went for a high gloss acrylic finish in a contemporary kitchen, you could have a large variety of colours to choose from. From dark reds and blues, to lighter greys and silvers, there are a lot of colour choices for acrylic surfaces. In contrast, if you opted for a hard wood kitchen, it is likely that your cabinets and worktops would remain neutral. This means that your kitchen would be browns, beiges and creams.

As a result, contemporary kitchens tend to have more colour options available, because the colour schemes fit in better with the room theme overall.


Ultimately, choosing a kitchen colour scheme boils down to personal preference. Just because you want a contemporary kitchen, doesn’t mean you cant have neutral colour scheme, and rustic kitchens can also be colourful. Pastel colours can really suit a rustic or traditional kitchen, and wooden surfaces can always be treated, painted and sealed again. In addition, your tile and accessory choice will also have a big influence on the colour scheme of the room. This means you can add splashes of colour to any kitchen.

Why not take a look at our range of fitted kitchens today, for more colour scheme ideas?

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