Designing the right kitchen for your home and household is all about blending the visual design and style, with the practicalities. Storage, seating and worktop space are all practical considerations that can change the way you use your kitchen on a daily basis. And considering these practical aspects, when planning and designing your new kitchen can help to create a kitchen that will fulfill all of your requirements. Seating is one of the biggest issues for kitchens. But fitting a breakfast bar into your kitchen could provide a range of advantages and benefits. Here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen design specialists. As a result, we have produced this guide to the top reasons to install a kitchen breakfast bar.

Top reasons to install a kitchen breakfast bar

So, why should you install a kitchen breakfast bar? Well, there are several reasons, including:

  • Casual seating- adding seating into your kitchen might not be absolutely necessary for you or your household. Especially if you have a dining table elsewhere. So instead of wasting space with another formal table, a breakfast bar can provide a casual seating space, perfect for the morning cup of coffee, or for homework.
  • Part of the kitchen- a breakfast bar is simply created by extending the work-surface, and not installing cupboards above or below this space. This means that it is built in as part of the kitchen, and it provides a simple, easy seating solution.
  • Smaller kitchens- this is the perfect option for smaller kitchens without the space for a large seating area or corner. This is because the breakfast bar doesnt take up too much room, although you might lose a little bit of storage space.
  • More worktop space– a breakfast bar is just an extended work surface. So you could make use of this additional space, when the breakfast bar is not in use. It can provide a clear, larger space for food prep, cooking and baking.

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