If you are thinking about installing a new kitchen, a handleless kitchen design could be the perfect option. But why should you choose a kitchen system that doesn’t include handles? Well, here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen design specialists. From traditional to contemporary, we can provide a variety of kitchens, perfect for any home and any style. This includes handleless kitchens. As a result, we have produced this guide to the top reasons to choose a handleless kitchen.

Top reasons to choose a handleless kitchen

So, why choose a handleless kitchen? Well, here are the most popular reasons behind the decision:

  • Kitchen design- a handleless kitchen is the perfect contemporary kitchen design. With no handles disrupting the visual flow of the room, your sleek cabinets will really stand out. Without the distraction, your contemporary kitchen will be at the cutting edge of design and innovation.
  • Practical- opting for a handleless kitchen can be a very practical decision. Not only are there no protruding handles to walk into or catch clothing on in the kitchen, which could potentially be dangerous, but a kitchen without handles is also much easier to clean. Food and dirt will no longer have a place to hide, and you can simply wipe down the smooth surfaces with ease.
  • Easier to navigate- if you have a small kitchen, a handleless kitchen design can spare around an inch around the cabinets, which means that your space will be easier to navigate. You wont be bumping into handles at every turn, potentially spilling whatever you are carrying.

Touch open cabinets

Touch open cabinets are a great way to replace handles in your kitchen. With a touch open cabinet, you simply push the cabinet door, and the door will easily pop open. When you have your hands full with a stack of pots, this is far easier than reaching down for a small handle.

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