The galley kitchen is one of the most long lasting and popular approaches to kitchen design. It was originally developed to suit the long, narrow spaces below deck on sailing ships, but is equally well suited to narrow rooms on dry land.

The design of professional kitchens draws on the galley layout due to the fact that it keeps appliances within a small distance of the chef. Similarly, many large kitchens replicate the benefits of the galley by placing a central island in front of one line of cabinets.

While the shape of a galley kitchen is likely to be restricted by the shape of the room in which it is built, there are plenty of different ways in which the basic design of one or two lines of cabinets can be embellished to make the kitchen seem more spacious or comfortable.

MLS Kitchens’ staff have more than 25 years’ experience in the kitchen industry and have been involved with the design of huge numbers of galley kitchens during that time. They are perfectly equipped to help create an exceptional kitchen in the space that you have available.

Here are a few ideas for galley kitchens that will make them pleasant places in which to cook and socialise:

1) Consider using small wall cabinets, or no wall cabinets at all, in order to stop the kitchen feeling enclosed and claustrophobic.

2) Lighting is important to create a sense of space in a narrow room. Under cabinet lighting helps to reduce shadow and make the room feel bigger. Similarly, glass fronted cabinets with internal lights can help to open up the space.

3) Other ways to enhance the feeling of space include having open shelving in place of cabinets and using mirrors. Shelves at the entrance to the kitchen can be curved to create a welcoming entrance into the room.

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