It’s very rare that we take notice to our surfaces after having them for a while – we eat, cook and prepare meals on them all day, every day. But what if we told you about these new trends that are emerging that are guaranteed to make your surfaces more noticeable to not just you, but everybody else.

So, in terms of surface materials a lot of customers are looking at metallic textures as they want to push forward and move past the neutral trend that has been used for decades. Although neutral colours are a great way to add subtly into your kitchen, metallic finishes add another type of aesthetic dimension that people love.

Another material people are loving right now is marble, and other designs that are fresh and light. What is good about marble is that you can mix the colours and have a different palette for each part of the kitchen!

If your kitchen is more traditional and open floor complete with an island in the centre, the most popular trend for you would be to incorporate smokier hues into your colour scheme. Colours such as muted blacks and soft greys.

If you’re more of a natural person and your kitchen amenities lie outdoors, then incorporating stone is the way forward for you. Have it wrap around your windows and doors to create that rustic, outdoorsy feeling wherever you go. A new type of glass is also being structured with the same durability as stone, which means it can be used on the floor and the walls. You can even marry the stone and the glass together to create a mosaic type pattern.

More and more designers are being influenced by different cultures to create the perfect interior for you. Whether you’re more unique than old school, there is always something for everyone.

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