Those of us who don’t have large kitchens to be able to design and plan different kitchen ideas and simply have nothing but a small kitchen can become frustrated with the fact that your kitchen is tiny. But you can still come up with small kitchen design ideas that can reflect your wishes and continue to make your kitchen the heart of your home.

It doesn’t have to be explained that it is much easier to design a kitchen and come up with kitchen ideas when you have a mega sized kitchen but there are so many designs available that can help create the small kitchen of your dreams that’s is warm, friendly and efficient.

The main issues with a small kitchen is the limitations of simply what can fit where and creating a space where you have cooking and preparation room but also including your kitchen appliances.

We have come up with some small kitchen design ideas to utilise small spaces and add style and elegance to your kitchen;

Small Kitchen Design, Style and Colour

The style and design of a small kitchen is very important and with all the different ranges available you can utilise your options to help  create an illusion of a larger kitchens by using reflective surfaces and curves in the right places. When you think reflective surfaces you may think straight away of choosing a white kitchen but with the ranges available and the gloss finishes and units you can still add that variation of colour to your kitchen and still make use of the benefits from reflecting lot of light making your smaller kitchen space feel much larger.

Small Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances can take up lots of room in your small kitchen but you can very easily save vast amounts of space and this can be achieved in every area of your kitchen from looking at different appliances to find smaller compact designs from the many different innovative space saving ranges available.

Kitchen Storage Space

We all need and use storage in different ways but in a small kitchen can become tight and compact, we can create new storage space using space saving ideas within kitchen units, the use of your kitchens vertical space and carefully planning your storage space can aid in providing further storage space without compromising on the look and style of your kitchen. Deeper storage cupboards can be utilised when available.

Not just with storage space saving units and ideas but storage ideas can be very beneficial for storage space like hanging racks for your pots and pans can create visible storage space.


With everything required in your kitchen you will be surprised how many kitchens become cluttered with everything around you for quick access and ease but sometimes especially in a small kitchen less is more, try to reduce your clutter by only having available what is essentially required and things like racks, hanging areas and open shelving can help reduce clutter whilst keeping many essentials still close to hand.

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