When making plans for your new kitchen, you might be considering a kitchen island. A kitchen island can add storage space, and work-surface space to your kitchen, both of which can be valuable additions to any kitchen. But what shape kitchen island should you choose? Well, this all depends on your layout, the size of the kitchen, and your own preferences. Here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen experts. From worktops and cabinets, to layout options and styles, we can help you make all the difficult decisions. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you choose the right shape for your kitchen island. So, should you choose a rectangular or round kitchen island?

Should you choose a rectangular or round kitchen island?

The two most popular shape options for a kitchen island are rectangular islands, and round islands. Each of these shapes bring something slightly different to any kitchen, and there are advantages and disadvantages for either option.

Rectangular kitchen islands

Kitchen islands that are rectangular in shape are generally the most popular choice for homeowners. These offer the most amount of worktop space, and storage space. In some kitchens, the rectangular island is used as a freestanding cabinet, to create a P-shaped kitchen layout, transforming the room. In other kitchens, the rectangular island can be lowered on one side, with a couple of cupboards removed, and used as a kitchen table.

However, the rectangular kitchen island will not fit in smaller kitchens, so can only be utilized successfully in a larger kitchen.

Round kitchen islands

Completely different, round kitchen islands add a focal feature to any space. The roundness contrasts with the linear design of the rest of the kitchen. And this brings visual interest and style. A round kitchen island can be used to split up space in the kitchen, especially an open plan kitchen. This island can serve as a physical divider between zones.

However, a round kitchen island is not large enough to be used as a table.

Other shape options

There are other kitchen island shape options available, including:

  • square kitchen islands- perfect for kitchens where a rectangular island would be too big
  • hexagonal kitchen islands- a good alternative to a round kitchen island

For more information or advice about kitchen islands, get in touch with the experts today, here at MLS Kitchens.

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