An open plan kitchen is a fantastic option for a range of homes and styles. From traditional kitchens, to contemporary kitchens, an open plan kitchen can really enhance the space. So whether you are planning to knock down some walls, or transform a new extension, an open plan kitchen could be the key. Here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to open plan kitchen design.

The layout and size of your space

One of the first things to consider is the layout and size of your available space, and how you will use this to your advantage. Open plan kitchens work best by zoning different areas. For example, the area for cooking, will be subtly separate from the area for dining, and that for lounging. As a result, a serious amount of planning needs to go into designing the zonal layouts.

Add in some natural light

Both traditional and contemporary kitchens can benefit greatly from the addition of some natural light. Whether it’s a roof lantern or a full glass bi-fold door, you should try and incorporate natural light into your open plan kitchen. It will not only help your kitchen look incredible, but will also bring a range of health benefits too.

Kitchen cabinets

Finally, you need to consider storage. In an open plan kitchen, storage becomes more important than ever before. This is because it can be difficult to relax in a cluttered or messy environment. So if you are sitting down to eat, staring at the washing up pile, you can’t expect to feel calm. As a result, you should make sure that you consider storage at each stage of your planning, and also check out some potential storage solutions.

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