For family homes, the kitchen is often described as the heart of the home, as this is where everyone will gather to enjoy meals and spend time together. However, a kitchen that is not well designed, with family gatherings in mind, can struggle to be a practical and functional space, and is more likely to be underutilised. So what are the effective layout options for family friendly kitchens? And how can you create the right space for your family and home?

What are the most effective layout options for family friendly kitchens?

There are a number of different layout options to consider when it comes to creating a family friendly kitchen space. These can help to make the space more functional, and increase safety, for family homes. Some of the most effective layout options include:

  • The open plan layout
  • Kitchen island or peninsula design
  • Multi-functional zones

Open plan layout

One of the most effective layout options for a family friendly kitchen space is the open plan layout. This is a layout that integrates the kitchen seamlessly with the dining and living areas. What this means is that your family can connect together, wherever they may be, and it certainly makes interaction easier when doors and walls are not in the way. This type of layout is also perfect for supervising young children while cooking, increasing safety, and for encouraging family bonding while preparing meals.

Kitchen island or peninsula design

Another effective layout option is to use a kitchen island to divide the kitchen space for different zones. By adding seating, the kitchen island itself can also act as a centralised hub where family members can gather, engage in activities, share conversations, and enjoy meals. This can also be a place where children complete homework while meals are being prepared. 

A peninsular design involves placing the island towards one end, instead of in the centre of the room as is more common. 

Multi-functional zone layout for family friendly kitchens

Finally, another effective choice for the layout of a family friendly kitchen is to create zones that are multi-functional. These zones can allow for an effective workflow around the kitchen, with different areas serving different purposes. Cooking, cleaning, storage and socialising for example can all be split into different areas of the kitchen space. You could also consider adding space for homework to be complete, or even a breakfast bar for casual meals.

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