When designing your new kitchen, a kitchen island might be something you’re considering. Stylish and practical, a kitchen island can be the perfect addition to any medium to large kitchen, in any style. So whether you are creating a rustic, traditional or contemporary space, a kitchen island can be suitable for your space. But should you use this as a place for seating? Or simple for additional storage and worktop space? Well, here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen design professionals. And this is our guide to everything you should consider when choosing between kitchen island storage or seating.

Should you choose kitchen island storage or seating?

When deciding how to use your new kitchen island, and what kind of role it will play, you should consider its purpose. That’s because the purpose of the kitchen island will determine the design. To make sure you achieve the most practical benefits, choose a kitchen island to suit your practical requirements.

Kitchen islands for additional storage and worktop space

A kitchen island can add more storage, and a practical work-surface space in the middle of your kitchen. This can be a great option for:

  • reducing clutter on counter-tops
  • storing pots and pans and other larger items
  • adding an additional sink to the kitchen

Kitchen islands for seating

Using a kitchen island for seating, either in a breakfast bar style, or as a small table, can be a a stylish and practical choice. With this kind of kitchen island, you can use the worktop for food preparation, but also use it for meals and entertaining. And if you opt for stools, these can be tucked underneath the island, so that there are no obstacles while cooking or preparing food. This helps keep your kitchen safe.

Combining both

Frequently, homeowners are opting for kitchen islands that combine the two. This means there might be storage space in part of the kitchen island, with cupboards removed underneath to make space for seating. This offers the best solution for medium sized kitchens, where additional storage space and seating is a necessity.

For more information or advice about a new rustic kitchen suit for your home, get in touch with the team today, here at MLS Kitchens.

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