Kitchen Designs from Around the World

Take yourself back to your travels, and transform your kitchen into an exotic place using our tips below.

Authentic Italian Kitchen Design

Italian kitchens are rich, warm and timeless in their appearance.

For Italians, kitchens are the place to socialise around the table with family, and enjoy the smell of good food simmering on the stove. Bellissimo!

Traditional Wood Kitchen Cupboards

Like their food, traditional Italian kitchen cupboards never go out of style. Natural darker woods are the best to recreate the Italian feel. Why not have a look at our oak range as an example?

Kitchen Accessories and Food on Display

Copper pots and pans hanging from the wall, a range of authentic olive oils displayed on the kitchen surface and of course, a selection of good Italian wines, all work together to make a great Italian Kitchen.

Terra Cotta Floors

Nothing says traditional Italy like Terra Cotta Floors. Inexpensive and easy to clean, this flooring is a popular option for many.

Moroccan Kitchen Design

Bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your home with a Moroccan styled kitchen.

Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan tiles are the showcase of any authentic Moroccan kitchen. Unique in style, these brightly coloured tiles come in a variety of patterns and colours. Why not pick blue for a traditional Moroccan theme?

Top tip!

When choosing ‘busy’ tiles such as these, try to keep your work surfaces neutral.


Bright Kitchen Accessories

Bring the feel of a busy Moroccan market to your kitchen by incorporating brightly coloured pieces to your design, such as ceramic tagines or lanterns.

Moroccan’s are renowned for using a variety of spices in their food, so instead of hiding these in a cupboard, why not ensure they’re out on display, and add a burst of colour to your kitchen.

Antique and Metal Accessories

Meet bright colours, with antiques or metal and copper accessories such as lamps, scales and storage jars.


Traditional French Country Kitchen

The French know how blend the perfect mix of rustic and chic to create the perfect country kitchen.


Traditional Handles and Kitchen Cupboards

Using ornate handles and carved kitchen cupboards is a great way to re-create that traditional French feel. Why not view our selection here?

Top tip!

If you want to go ultra-traditional, complete your cupboards with a white marble work-surface for that beautiful chic look.

Fancy teaming traditional and modern? Then compliment your cupboards with a rustic wooden work-surface instead!

Warm Kitchen Wall Colours

The French often eat well into the evening and their warm colours look great under candlelight.

Choose yellows, greens and blues for that authentic French chic.

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