Here at MLS Kitchens, we are Manchester’s leading kitchen design professionals, and we provide something to suit every home in every style. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the various choices for kitchen cabinet doors in small kitchen spaces.

What are the different options for kitchen cabinet doors for small kitchen spaces?

If you have a small kitchen space there are some subtle design choices that can make both a practical and visual impact on the space. The kitchen cabinet doors for example are something you should seriously consider. But what are the effective options? Well, there are several including:

  • Using handleless doors- kitchen cabinet doors without handles can help to save space in your small kitchen. This is because handles generally stick out from the front of the doors, and this reduces the floor space. In a small kitchen with a horseshoe or U shaped layout, this can actually reduce space space by more than you might think. Instead, you could opt for touch to open cabinet doors, or even hidden or inset handles. This also adds a contemporary touch to your kitchen too.
  • Using pale colours– for small kitchens, colour can make a big difference. Choosing pale and light cabinets and cabinet doors can help the light reflect around the kitchen, instead of being absorbed as it would be by darker colours. You should also consider pairing this with a pale or light coloured floor and walls for the best results.
  • Using a high gloss finish- alternatively, you could choose a high gloss finish for the doors and cabinets. The glossy surface will reflect light easily, no matter which colour of cabinets you choose.

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